Aug 21, 2018

Love Divine

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Rewind to May 17th of 2015, I had received a message from Clifford on Facebook . The message simply read : “I love your pictures and would like to get to know you some more” my response : Thanks but no thanks. The year prior had just gotten out of a 6 year tumultuous relationship and was pretty much enjoying my solitude therefore I was not interested in getting back in the dating game .
I logged out of Facebook to take a nap since I was exhausted from work. I usually took a nap after work since my job at that time was mentally taxing . I could take a nap without issue however this time around I kept tossing and turning. Something kept telling me to go back on fb to apologize to him for being so harsh. I tried to ignore that
Voice but to no avail. I logged back on fb , I sent him a message apologizing and his response was absolutely gracious I was expecting him to be a complete jerk but he turned out to be a complete gentleman. We became the best of friends ; we spoke everyday . He would give me dating advice and warn me of men that were not for me. Even though , he would give me dating advise I could send the bitterness in his voice. He had a negative disposition towards women which gave me the inclination that his past relationship didn’t end too well either. I did my best to brush it off but over the course of time I just couldn’t take it much longer I had to be transparent and tell him that I didn’t appreciate his negative attitude towards women . Surprisingly he was very receptive and he had an open dialogue about his disposition.
He never spoke ill of women again ; well not to me at least lol 3 months went by ; he asked me to his girlfriend and I said yesssss 😊. That same month I was going to Jamaica for 7 days with my best friend . The day before he came over to help me pack and that’s when he uttered the 3 words.. “I love you “ It took me by surprise and didn’t expect him to say it so soon
I was also surprised because he felt the same way I did
I just never mustered the courage to tell him so it was comforting to know that we were on the same page. I left for Jamaica Upon my return from Jamaica, we have been inseparable ever since.
This journey has been nothing short of a roller coaster . It has been amazing but it has also had its rough patches . We have been through and overcame a great deal of obstacles . There were times I didn’t think we were going to make it , there were times where I called it quits because I just had no more fight in me . In October of 2017, we joined a 21 day fast. I joined this fast with an expectation; I wanted God to reveal to me if this was the man for me , if this was the man he had ordained for me. We completed the fast without a hot hand I must say it was the best decision ever. We came out with different attitudes and perspectives. We have a greater understanding And love for each other .
On October 29 (4 days after my bday), we went to Olive Garden per usual . That’s our usual dining place after church on Sunday’s. This time was different though since my siblings and mom decided to join us but I thought nothing of it since it was 4 days after my bday and figured since they didn’t celebrate with me This was their way of making it up on me
We had our meal ; it was time for dessert and I see a ring on the table asking me to marry him
My best friend got on one knee asking me to marry him and of course I said yessssssssssssssss…
I’m happy my family was there to witness one of the happiest days of my life I look forward to being a second mother to his daughter from a previous relationship ; i also look forward to spending the rest of my days with him 😊😊

@cheyville and @cliffordkaulin ‘s divine Love

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